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Help us to continue our important work of helping people to deepen their faith and to keep a historic place of prayer alive.

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Meet the Friends of Augustine, a community inspired by the way of life of Saint Augustine.

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Gift Aid

Gift Aid is an arrangement that allows charities, including churches, to reclaim tax on donations made by a taxpayer. It covers weekly giving as well as one-off donations.

This means that every donation you make is worth 25% more to your Church, at no cost to you. For example, if you donate £20, we will be able to reclaim £5 on your donation from the government, meaning the Church gets £20 from you and £5 from the government.

If you’re already paying tax on earnings, pensions or income/capital gains from investments, the government simply gives back to the Church some of the tax you have already paid. Please help us to make the most of this scheme to benefit our Church.

Friends of Augustine

A community inspired by Saint Augustine's way of life.

Our retreats

Retreats are a great way to step out of your everyday routine to connect more deeply with God.

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